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What We Do


Bravely Being, LLC came into "being" to fill in a pothole that's been throwing drivers off their healing path for a long time. 

How are you supposed to start healing if you don't have any information about the things that have been hurting you? 

As a company, we are committed to providing clear educational material, taking huge and overwhelming mental health content and distilling it down into simple, bite-sized pieces of information. We do this by leveraging social media to start conversations around mental health, by publishing trauma-informed yoga and psychoeducation videos on our YouTube channel, and by providing consultation for other clinical mental health providers pursuing certification in EMDR. 

Beth is available for local and online speaking engagements. If there's a way for us to better serve your community when it comes to mental health and healing from the hard stuff, don't hesitate to send us a message.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Have you ever been in a traditional studio yoga class and ended up feeling nauseous, triggered, or overwhelmed with emotion? 

Yoga is an incredible resource for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. But when it comes to healing from hard stuff that's happened in your life, it's possible that a traditional yoga class can leave you feeling worse than you did when you started. That's why trauma-informed, or trauma-sensitive yoga started. 

A trauma-informed approach to a yoga practice takes all of the beautiful benefits of traditional yoga but packages them slightly differently to make the practice, as a whole, more safe and accessible to participants. Things like the use of language, the offering of choice, and the hands-off teaching approach make for a safe and consistent atmosphere to ground into your body and learn how to notice body sensations and emotional changes as they arise. 

"A trauma-informed yoga teacher" should be able to point to specific training that they have completed, in addition to a traditional 200 hour+ training program, that has focused on issues related to trauma and other mental health concerns that could impact a participant's experience of their yoga practice. Don't hesitate to ask your teachers what types of training they have received, and to ask for documentation regarding certifications they report to you.


Remember, you are the one in charge of your yoga practice! If you ever feel uncomfortable in a yoga class or a teacher is using language in a way that makes you feel stuck or triggered, you can always come out of a pose, step away from your mat, get a drink of water, or even leave the classroom. 

Through our YouTube channel, we hope to provide a safe introduction for participants interested in the benefits of a yoga practice. Beth is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and she has completed an additional 100hr certificate program in trauma-informed yoga through YogaFit for Warriors. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, and brings her clinical experience to all of her yoga classes, both online and in person. 

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

When dealing with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, grief, life transitions, somatic issues, and trauma, sometimes we all need someone to walk with us along a healing path. 

While there are many ways to provide counseling and therapy services, Beth's approach to treatment focuses on the somatic (body) symptoms of mental health and the impact of attachment and trauma experiences on every day life. Using an integrative approach to treatment, Beth focuses on developing a safe professional relationship with clients. She considers herself to be a GPS system that can help clients on their healing path. 

Beth is an EMDR specialist and trauma-informed Registered Yoga Teacher, and uses both modalities to help clients reach a point of safety in their body before embarking into the deep and hard work of healing. 

For more information about receiving clinical mental health counseling services with Bethany Matheson, you can go here. Bethany is currently in private practice.

*Bethany Matheson, M.Ed., LPC, RYT200 is currently licensed in Tennessee and Texas to provide counseling services. Her practice is currently available via telehealth only. Please note that Bravely Being, LLC only provides clinical counseling services through her private practice and is not available for clinical consultation or treatment in any other capacity. Consult your primary care physician and mental health professional before implementing any suggestions or recommendations from Bravely Being, LLC.

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